Little Kids’ Jamboree

Lorna’s Little Kids’ Jamboree is an interactive event for kids, parents, grand-parents, neighbors and friends. The Jamboree is available for venues large or small and is truly a family affair. Simple rhythm instruments, songs, imagination and movement are a part of the music Lorna and her guitar present. The emphasis is on having fun with your kids while playing music together.

The Little Kids’ Jamboree fits a variety of events because music is a great connector for all ages. The Little Kids’ Jamboree is for everyone!


The long awaited CD of Lorna’s Jamboree has finally been released. You can purchase a copy at Lorna’s live shows, Kids at Heart Toy Store and online at CD Baby. This is a charming CD with many of the songs you heard during Lorna’s live shows over the years and some new ones for good measure. Get yours now.

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