Lorna Miller

From the very beginning music has been at the center of my life, the songs my grandmother, my mother and father taught me and the music that surrounded our family life. Music has and continues to be an integral part of growth and expression for me. My three children all, are carrying on the legacy as professional musicians in their own right.

Performance began early with an impromptu version of “You Are My Sunshine” during a church service. At age fourteen I sang on a local radio station and performed all during my high school years and into my adult years while raising the children.

In the past several years I decided it was time to focus on my own creative projects and so I concentrated on writing music as well as interpreting music that inspires me. The result was realized in a CD I recorded and co-produced with my younger son, Ian, and on which all my children (Chris & Lisa) are present in some form, musically.

During that same period, “The Little Kids’ Jamboree” was also realized as an interactive family event for parents and little kids. Keeping the music alive.

Music enriches my life abundantly through performance, teaching and writing. I believe it is vital to our individual growth, to our a culture. As humans we make our own music through humming, whistling or moving our feet to a rhythm and then we give birth through words to our own stories, where we came from, who we are. I want to honor that richness and share it wherever I can.

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